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The creator of E:T is taking a serious stance towards the safety and security of South-Africans, especially towards farm attacks. Peacefull South-Africans regardless of race and colour are supposed to feel safe where they live, work and farm. Their safety should be a right and defending themselves should be a right.

For this reason E:T is free. It is free to protect your freedom! It is not free because its creator thinks it might work. No! The creator believes E:T does work and wants you to become a believer too!

E:T understands you want to do everything on your own and want nothing to do with everything else, so the below 3 easy steps will help you achieve that:

Here is what you need to do

Below are just the quick steps, but here is the full “How-To” Guide. This is a recommended guide to do-it-yourself.

1. Get and prepare your hardware

As much as E:T wants to work out of thin air, it is not yet possible. E:T software needs to be installed on your computer. The preferred computer for E:T is the Raspberry Pi. It is reliable and it is priced in such a way so that anyone can afford it. There are also other small or single-board computers out there that could do the job just as well and they are also cheap.

Artificial Intelligence works on devices that have Neural Network capabilities. These devices are necessary to give your computer cognitive abilities. E:T requires this type of hardware to functions as an A.I agent. The easiest and most affordable device chosen for this task is Intel’s NCS2.

2. Download and Install the free E:T software

When your hardware is ready, it still cannot do anything. By downloading and installing E:T software, your hardware can now be transformed into your personal surveillance A.I agent. Download the full ISO disk image and write it to your Raspberry Pi memory card.

3. Plug-in and Configure your cameras

When your E:T is up and running, you just need to give it eyes. This is where your cameras come in. E:T works on top off your existing surveillance system. All you need to do is give E:T your video feed links.

Note: Without eyes, E:T cannot see and therefore it will not work. There are many surveillance systems out there and you can use anyone. There is however only one minimum requirement. The Individual Video feeds of your cameras should be accessible over your local network. These are normally called the RTSP, UDP or HTML streams. Consult your system manual or manufacturer for this information. These are video streams that go to the eyes of E:T to tell you when things are going on.

The 3 easy steps above should get you up and running. But for some people, all of the above is still a daunting task. Follow the below link and become a supporter and get it done for you.