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Free to do as you please and know you have the right to do it all on your own without any involvement.

Because you are the E:T evangelists. You figured everything out on your own and very happy with the results you are getting. You feel that there is a great need for E:T distribution in your area and it is not getting to people quick enough. You see opportunities which you want to take hold of. E:T allows for these opportunities.

As long as you do not withhold the right of others to get E:T freely, you are welcome to distribute the complete E:T system on your own. You are welcome to offer E:T at any cost to anyone and charge for the services you render to others at any price they are willing to pay. You, therefore, have the freedom to spread E:T as you wish in any way or form as you please. There is no catch.

But how well you can support your clients is the key to your success with E:T. The E:T “experience” is viewed as a journey of collaboration between the creator, you the evangelist and the E:T system believers and to move towards a common goal. That common goal is to make living in South-African feel safe again.

What is the offer?

The door is open and you are invited in as the distributor(“the evangelist”), to work with us to come up with a support structure that best suits your needs and the needs of those you are willing to serve.

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