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You saw or heard about E:T, and you see benefits it can bring towards the solutions you could provide or provide already.

You heard that E:T wants to share its technology and you want in on the knowledge. Then you are welcomed to partner with E:T.

Open Innovation Technology

The efficiency and effectiveness of today’s open-source technologies have led to major leaps forward in technological innovation and creativity. These open-source technologies served as the building blocks of the E:T platform. From A.I Deep Learning frameworks to Software Packages to Hardware Platforms to Interfaces, they all serve as the components of E:T system which has been puzzled together to form an eco-system of open technologies. E:T is thus open-innovation technology.

What is the offer?

The E:T technology is open to any of the E:T partners. This means you’ll benefit by not inventing the wheel yourself and your partnership will make E:T even better for everyone else. E:T has adopted the team player approach and seeks to partner with like-minded individuals, companies and movements to solve the crime problems or any other related problem.

E:T is also open to rebranding approaches provided it will not ruin the relationships E:T has with other partners as well as land in the middle of a competitive battle between organizations.

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