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First off, thank you for landing on this page. E:T already considers you as a believer and therefore a supporter. This is where you can get the full E:T system from its Creator.

Secondly, you must understand that the creator of E:T wants you to feel safe and live fearless for as cheap as possible. Yes cheap, because your freedom should actually be free. And by cheap it does not mean low-quality product, but rather the best possible solution for as little as possible to protect your freedom.

Unfortunately, hardware and tangible things like a computer is not free. We offer to install the free E:T software on the devices you already own, or provide you with the complete solution installed and ready to serve. This comes only at the cost of the hardware and time that goes into getting it done for you.

By doing this you are supporting the further development of the E:T software to make it even better for everyone as well as support the cause of making South-Africa one of the safest places to live in. Charity starts at home, but E:T also does not shy away from the rest of the world. E:T is there for them too.

What does the Supporter get?

The Installation Service

So you have the hardware and need the help to get it installed without going through the process yourself. This service is for you. It can be tailored to what you can afford.

Contact Us to get your E:T up and running.

The Ready-to-Go Unit

You want us to supply the hardware and install the E:T software for you. You’ll only have to cover the hardware cost and some other supporting costs.

We’ll do everything and send it off to you.

Contact Us to place an order.

The Tailored Unit

This is the same as the Ready-to-Go unit, but you might have some other additional requirements. We’ll tailor the Ready-to-Go unit to your needs and ship it off to you.

Contact Us and tell us about your tailored needs.

The Complete System

You don’t even have a CCTV surveillance system or any security cameras in-place for that matter. Perhaps you are only interested in one camera. We’ll advise you on the correct system or even look at ways to supply you with a complete security camera system from a supplier and ship it to you with a Ready-to-Go E:T unit. Depending on what the case may be we’ll even advise on installers.

Contact Us to work out a deal for you.