A South-African, a family man, shares a love for God and has a huge appetite for technology. I exercise my passion by inventing and creating things. All technology ideas that comes to my mind I’ll research and find ways to use it and implement into something useful. There’s just this satisfying thing of problem solving and thinking and tinkering and discovery and creating that can glue my bottom-end to a seat for hours. Call me a nerd or a mad-scientist or a dreamer but one thing is for sure, I love to create, I love to fix and I love to solve.

So E:T are just one of these creations because of a passion I have for A.I(Artificial Intelligence). A.I is something which became a main interest for me since the inception of real-time DNN, especially in the discipline of computer vision. That and coupled with the tremendous crime challenges we are faced with in S.A, I started thinking on how these A.I technologies could possibly serve as an agent to combat “our statistics”. E:T was then born out of that thinking and research. But I also thought, E:T could become so much more than just that. In your hands and in the hands of other developers E:T has the potential to become your agent that could look over all your things, whatever that might be. Hence my saying – “E:T is more than just security, it is intelligence and control under your fingertips.”

“Designation Missing” – I cannot be defined by them because I refuse to be limited by skill-set. I understand technology, and I understand that technology are pieces of a puzzle that could solve some of our problems we are faced with in our ever evolving society. I’m driven towards solutions and I knit technology together to bring forth solutions and I bring them to you. Whatever designation that relates to, then I’m that guy. Thank you for reading this and God bless you.