Everyone’s situation and environment are different, but this guide will help to get started. You don’t have to be an expert to get E:T up and running. However, it is required that you know some basic computer terminology and are familiar with some of the things described in this document. Also, a great deal of common sense goes a long way.

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The Raspberry Pi is the computer of choice for E:T. Simply because it is cheap, everywhere available, and great online support from users around the world. Here are some suppliers where you could get it online:


RS Components


Micro Robotics

Unfortunately, the Raspberry Pi is not powerful enough for A.I computer vision tasks, especially multi-streaming tasks required by E:T.

You’ll require specific hardware that does the “A.I Thinking”. The Intel Neural Compute Stick 2(NCS2) is the cheapest and most supported device for this task. E:T loads and executes all A.I functionality unto this device and uses the results to make decisions. NCS2 is available here:

RS Components

Parts list

This is the complete parts list:

1x Raspberry Pi model 3 B+ or Pi 4

1x Intel Compute Stick 2 (make sure you get NCS2)

1x LAN Cable (RJ45 connectors)

1x Router (typically those used in the home or small offices)


Connect your hardware as shown above.

Although the Raspberry Pi comes with built-in Wifi, it is recommended that you use a LAN cable. It is much faster and reliable in a multi-video stream environment. You can try it with Wifi, but don’t expect great results.

E:T Software

Download the disk image below to your personal computer or laptop:

There are multiple ways to “burn” the image to your Raspberry Pi memory card or micro SD card, Here is a method to guide you.

Insert the SD card and power up the devices.

You can plug-in a screen, mouse and keyboard into the Raspberry Pi if you prefer, but you could also use VNC to access it over your network. Details are:


username: pi

password: edgetower

Here is a guide to help you connect via VNC. Change everything the way you want and configure the network settings to your requirements. Remember to change the system password once you are connected and ready!

Next you’ll need Telegram to talk to your device. This is achieved using a chat bot. Here is a guide to help you set up a Telegram chat bot:

You should now have your bot API code. Now go to:


or scan this QR code to navigate to the above address automatically:

Navigate to the Configuration Tab:

Type in the below credentials:

username: admin

password: admin

A screen should now appear with the below edit box. Type or paste in your Telegram Bot API key you generated earlier.

Below is an optional step, but you can insert your camera RTSP, HTML, or UDP streams here. Or you can do this later in Telegram.

After you’ve your CAM URL’s, navigate to this interface. It provides a low frame rate live view of your cameras and will also show up detected objects.

Below is a quick demonstration of the above process:

Next, you’ll need to restart E:T for changes to take effect. Simply disconnect and reconnect the power.

Well done if you made it this far! The final step is to start a chat with E:T, you’ll first have to accept the terms and conditions though. Once accepted you are on your way towards the E:T experience. Navigate through the options using the provided buttons. Don’t be afraid to use the configuration options, E:T is there to guide you every step of the way. Here is a guide:

Thank you for using E:T and hope to hear more from you! Please Contact Us with any feedback you might have.